A Plea to Jay Cohen, CEO of First Funds LLC.

Discover First Funds

Welcome to First Funds, the first choice of savvy business owners, astute funding
agents and industry providers for alternative financial services to strengthen and grow
their businesses. An established leader in providing business cash advance services,
First Funds offers customized financial solutions to small to mid-sized businesses
across North America.

As the premier resource for the immediate acquisition of working capital, we
enable our funding agents (ISO's) to grow their business by empowering
their merchant customers to put their future capital to work for them today.

Instrumental in helping thousands of businesses prosper and grow after
having been turned down by conventional funding sources, First Funds
understands the needs of small to mid-sized merchants. Securing funding
to maintain the healthy cash flow that is critical to business success should
be convenient, fast and reliable.

Not a loan, our Business Cash Advance is

•   No fixed monthly payments
•   No liens or collateral
•   No usage restrictions
•   We get paid when you get paid!

Fast & Efficient
• Funding usually within 7 days
• Uncomplicated approval process

• Highest quality standards
• Professional, customer-focused service
• No hidden costs or fees
• Reputation for honesty & integrity